Video #7 - April Fools! Bake-Time with Jill & Chef Chimpan-A?s

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Moose!
Printable recipe

Video #6 - St. Valentine's Day
Cream Puffs

Jill plays matchmaker
and Jack meets the love of his life... all due to this delicious cream puff recipe.

Video #5 - New Year's Eve
Chocolate Cream Pie

In honor of the annual 3 Stooges New Year's marathon,
we thought it would be appropriate to serve Chocolate Cream Pie!

Video #4 - Christmas Walnut Balls

A holiday sing-a-long! Enjoy some of your favorite Christmas carols, twisted around a bit to fit Jill's recipe!

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Video #3 - Thanksgiving Apple Pie

Join Jill and Jack Whabbit as they prepare a Thanksgiving favorite...Be sure to set your timer!

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Video #2 - Halloween Creeeepy Cupcakes

Don't be too a-scarry, these treats are sweet and harmless!

Printable recipe

Download and print the sawblade!

A short Halloween film

Jill and Jack discuss scary movies. It seems that Jack has a favorite Hitchcock film that he's happy to reenact.

Video #1 - Meet Jill, oh, yeah, and Jack Whabbit!

Two quazy zany kids who like to bake!

Bake-Time with Jill & Jack Whabbit is an entertaining & educational online series.
Follow Jill & her fuzzy friend around the wonderful world of baking!

Enjoy all the videos!